Dawn Ressel

Intuit Health Bill Pay: Setup/Marketing

The Problem

Intuit needed a way to publicize our new offering and get doctor's offices so excited about the product that they enrolled online. Once they enrolled, we needed a way to guide the doctor's office through the setup process, which required them to complete several steps.


The marketing website performed well during usability testing, and was a key component of the marketing and sales strategy. The setup guide received positive feedback from both customers and the internal support staff. The setup guide helped reduced support costs and cut back the initial setup meeting by two hours.

Process and Documents

I was the interaction designer for the marketing website, and I created a good deal of the content, including the "5 Reasons to Get It" which is prominently featured on the website and the print marketing collateral. I helped create the setup process so it was as streamlined as possible, and worked with a copyrighter and visual designer to create a setup guide that helped the doctor's office understand what to expect during setup.

Billing Manager Persona- the billing manager was the primary buyer and end user for the doctor's office experience. I created this persona based on in-depth contextual user research. The persona guided the creation of the marketing website, the setup process, and the user interface for the doctor's office.

Setup Guide for the Doctor's Office - the setup guide set clear expectations for the doctor's office about what they needed to do, what Intuit would do on their behalf, and gave them a clear roadmap for the entire setup process.