Dawn Ressel

Intuit Health Bill Pay

The Problem

Paper medical billing is inefficient and ineffective. Many patients do not understand their bills, which leads to inaction. Roughly 30-50% of the amount that patients owe their doctors goes uncollected, and it takes an average of 57 days for them to get paid. I watched patients go through the frustrating task of trying to understand their medical expenses. I also discovered the pain points of the medical billing office by talk to them and watching their workflow. I designed a pilot version to learn how people were using it, then took those learnings to create this design for a broad release. My goal was to design the most clear, friendly, and convenient online bill anyone had ever seen.


This was one of the most successful product launches Intuit has ever done in terms of user satisfaction (measured by Net Promoter score). From the pilot redesign, payment conversion rates increased by 20%. Additionally, patients who use this product pay 18 days faster on average than those who do not.


Process and Documents

User Interface Design Specification- an excerpt from the final user interface specification I created in order for the team to build, test and implement the final product.

Early Design Concepts - I worked with a user researcher to test these 3 distinct design concepts with end users. The resulting product incorporated the best aspects of those concepts, and I refined the design with the research findings in mind.