Dawn Ressel

Intuit Design System

The Problem

I lead the development of a company-wide design system, or branding and visual language. The system spanned all of our supported platforms: desktop web, responsive web, native Android, and native iOS. Prior to this initiative, each of our four major business units had its own design system, its own resources, and goals. This is an example of how the Intuit products looked before the Intuit Design System.



The Intuit Design System has created benefits for our users, designers, and developers. This project is directly in support of Intuit's strategy. Under my design leadership, we have delivered unified brand elements, a UI component library, an entire suite of strategic UI widgets, and more.

Process and Documents

The process I created and led for this project included designers from across the company who each represented a major customer segment and/or product. We started with an internal audit of our existing patterns. Then we looked at external best practices. We came to an agreement on a convention that would work for all use cases by doing in-product acid testing to make sure it works from a design perspective and then user testing. Included in every standard were specifications for fixed and flexible attributes of the component to support our design philosophy of 80% family, 20% individual. Here is an example of the spec I created for Dropdown Menus. Here is another example of the spec for the On/Off Switch for all platforms.