Dawn Ressel

Intuit Developer Portal

The Problem

Intuit had a strategic initiative to increase developer productivity so we could get our products into the hands of customers faster. At this time, we had a fragmented suite of developer tools that did not work well together. Developers often had to rely on tribal knowledge to understand which tools were available and how to use them. We decided to create a unified developer portal that would be a one-stop shop to help developers find all the tools and information they needed, improve their workflow, and allow better collaboration. Please note these images are wireframes, not the final visual design.


After conducting detailed observational and qualitative research with our target users, I ran 4 1-week design sprints to rapidly prototype the ideal experience, with quick design and research cycles in each 1 week. The design and research was successful in creating a better experience for developers and increasing productivity aligned with our strategic goals.

Process and Documents

I was lead designer and experience design manager overseeing the project. I created all of the prototypes in Axure and oversaw the research process. I also created our experience strategy, including vision and design principles and an end-to-end experience map based on several comprehensive qualitative research studies.