Dawn Ressel


Intuit Design System

The Intuit Design System is an effort to align multiple design systems across Intuit to create a cohesive experience across the ecosystem.  It includes a visual and branding system, UI components, and foundational elements.

My role: Design Strategist, Design Lead

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Intuit Widget Strategy

I created the experience strategy for our company to scale design systems through reusable user experiences in code: what we call “UI widgets.” These UI widgets encapsulate rich, back-end technology, including APIs and analytics while codifying best practices from a user experience perspective.

My role: Experience Design Manager, Design Strategist

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Customer Empathy Program

I was the first design leader for our central technology group, a 500 person organization within Intuit. The vast majority of our employees were back end engineers, and they had never worked with a UX team before. More importantly, they had very little understanding of our customers and their needs. Over the course of two years, I drove the initiative called our "Customer Empathy" project, which brought customer insights and empathy to our large organization in methods that scaled, such as large group training sessions and hands-on activities.

My role: Experience Design Manager, Program Leader

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Intuit Developer Portal

Intuit had a strategic initiative to increase developer productivity so we could get our products into the hands of customers faster. At this time, we had a fragmented suite of developer tools that did not work well together. Developers often had to rely on tribal knowledge to understand which tools were available and how to use them. We decided to create a unified developer portal that would be a one-stop shop to help developers find all the tools and information they needed, improve their workflow, and allow better collaboration.

My role: Experience Design Manager, Lead Designer

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iPad App for Medical Image Sharing and Annotation

A confidential client hired me to design a native iPad app to share and annotate medical images. Please note these are wireframes, not the final visual design.

My role: I was the sole designer for the project.

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Intuit Health Patient Portal

Intuit had recently acquired a patient portal company (formerly Medfusion). It was clear there were great opportunities for improvement in the product experience and across all customer touch points.

My role: As the Experience Design Manager, I worked with my team to implement short-term design improvements while in parallel I worked on creating a long-term user experience strategy.

My role: Design Strategist/Manager

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Intuit Health Bill Pay

Paper medical billing is inefficient and ineffective. Many patients do not understand their bills, which leads to inaction. Roughly 30-50% of the amount that patients owe their doctors goes uncollected, and it takes an average of 57 days for them to get paid. I watched patients go through the frustrating task of trying to understand their medical expenses. I also discovered the pain points of the medical billing office by talk to them and watching their workflow. I designed a pilot version to learn how people were using it, then took those learnings to create this design for a broad release.

My role: Lead Designer

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Intuit Health Bill Pay: Marketing and Setup Experience

Intuit needed a way to publicize our new offering and get doctor's offices so excited about the product that they enrolled online. Once they enrolled, we needed a way to guide the doctor's office through the setup process, which required them to complete several steps.

My role: Lead Designer

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Additional design deliverables are available upon request. And for confidentiality reasons, some samples may only be shown in person.