Dawn Ressel

About Me

Public speaking

I have spoken on topics related to user experience design in a number of venues within the past few years. The two topics I've spoken about regularly are design systems and applying empathy to create better products and services. Here are my most recent talks.

How I got into design

I first became interested in design when I was in my last year of undergraduate studies. After 3 internships in my field of study in television production, I realized this was not the right career choice for me. As a natural born futurist, I was always interested in technology, and this was right as the Internet was starting to take shape in the late 90's. I took a web design class, and I came across the seminal book, The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. I was instantly convinced this was my path because all of the examples he'd pointed out resonated with me! I too always wondered why door handles were so confusing or had imagined a better way of making shower handles obvious and clear. From there, I researched graduate programs and was fortunate enough to find myself at Georgia Tech in the Master's program for Digital Design. The marriage of analytical and creative thinking in design is a perfect fit for how my brain works, and I knew I had found my home very shortly after starting my graduate program.

A bit of personal info...

I am so fortunate to live in sunny, beautiful San Diego, CA. I love it. I live my with two cats: Peaches and Ivy. I love music, and I'm an amateur poet. I also enjoy singing with local choirs. The most beautiful place I've ever sang in a concert was Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. The most fun was at Epcot in Orlando.

Hello there! This is me.